update : le pain quotidien.

le pain quotidien has quickly become one of my favorite places to eat in the city. they are a bit nicer than your everyday fast casual joint ... the food is delicious ... they are very baby friendly. all wins for me. ha.

anyway, the chi city vegan baby & i met our lunch buddy (hi, carly!!!) in the gold coast this time for some grub. (note ... this was a while ago now. we also met her sister, blair, another bestie of mine, at the lp location. lots of le pain in ma vie.)

all (literally all) of my girlfriends always get the crispy quinoa cakes from lpq ... you'd think that being one of the permanent vegan (& gf!) items on the menu, i would be all about it. but for some reason ... i hadn't tried them. so finally, i decided to get them on this most recent visit.

here's what i had ...

crispy quinoa cakes :
organic quinoa, hummus, avocado & tomato sauce.
i don't know why i resisted the quinoa cakes for so long ... because they are now officially my favorite menu item at lpq. (i'm thinking quinoa cakes in winter ... hummus tartine in summer.) the best part of this dish is that it has all the things. quinoa / protein? check. avocado? check. hummus? check? delicious-ness? check & check. 

i have nothing else to say, really. lpq, thanks for being awesome.

le pain quotidien
10 e. delaware place
chicago, il 60611