river valley farmer's table.

every time i type vegan into grubhub (which is often), a little joint called river valley farmer's table pops up. but i'd never tried it. so when my pal (hi, tedi!) suggested a lunch date there, i was all about it.

river valley farmer's table has this to say : "we are the best place around to grab coffee, tea, sandwiches & drinks while also collecting the freshest locally grown ingredients for your dinner." love it.

here's what i had ...

pickled veggie plate :
a "share-friendly" plate of house-made natural pickled farm veggies.
i love pickled things. my favorites were the beets & cucumbers (aka pickles)

bi bim bop :
curry quinoa, israeli couscous, organic mushrooms, roasted peppers, dates, shiitake "bacon," candied nuts, pepitas.
i was hesitant about this due to the mushrooms, which could not be omitted. the shiitake "bacon" was actually awesome. maybe the first time ever i liked a mushroom preparation. the rest of 'em, i just picked around.

i will say ... i quickly learned that every vegan menu item at river valley farmer's table includes mushrooms. i was about to be all about the tamales of the day, but they were mushroom tamales. oops. so basically, if you love mushrooms, this place is heaven for you.

i do want to look around the shop/grocery portion of river valley, though. there was a vegan muffin that caught my eye right when i walked in, but i forgot to grab it on my way out. there's always next time!

river valley farmer's table
1820 w. wilson ave.
chicago, il 60640