22 August 2015

a break from the blog ...

you may (or may not) have noticed my somewhat wonky eating habits over the past nine months ...

here's why :
nomming on some vegan stan's somewhere around week 32 of pregnancy!
i was just busy making a baby & succumbing to every culinary whim i've ever had ... which mostly meant lots of donuts, muffins, cupcakes, chocolate & thai food. (yup.)

so since the chi city vegan baby came, i'll be taking a blogging maternity leave, seeing as i won't be leaving the house for new food adventures very often ... but if i do, i'll be sure to share! i may even have to start doing some cooking & sharing that ... but let's not get our hopes up.

until my little break is up, i've got one leftover post to come sometime next week, buuut ... if anyone is interested in guest posting, please reach out!! thanks for reading, gang!

15 August 2015

pequod's pizza.

josh & i decided to continue the pizza friday tradition this week with somewhere new. since i just found out from a facebook follower (hi, lydia!) that pequod's pizza in lincoln park offers vegan deep dish ... & it's one of josh's favorite pizza joints (behind lou mal's, that is) in the city ... it was the obvious choice.

pequod's slogan is "crispy cheese crust or bust!" ... not the most vegan-friendly thing i've ever seen. but that's ok ... because if you order no cheese, you're all good!

here's what i had ...

vegan deep dish :
black olives, green peppers, onions, 86 cheese.
(86 cheese was how it was written on our ticket & made me laugh!)
anyway ... guys! we have a second option in the windy city for vegan deep dish pizza! rejoice! it's good ... not my favorite, but good still. especially since they didn't skimp on the olives. 

but whether or not i loved it isn't that important ... what's important is that we all now know that pequod's has vegan pies ... i'm looking forward to trying the thin crust next time!

pequod's pizza
2207 n. clybourn
chicago, il 60614

09 August 2015


this morning, my fam & i decided to grab a quick breakfast ... we landed on tweet in andersonville / uptown right on sheridan. my vegan coworker (hi, tnaya!) had told me about the deliciousness that is tweet a while back ... but i just took my sweet time getting there.

first, about tweet : "tweet serves you a wide range of both classic & non-traditional dishes made from fresh, organic-when-possible ingredients." first, great grammar here (featuring proper use of hyphenation). second, woohoo!

here's what i had ...

vegan southwest tofu scramble :
organic tofu scrambled in olive oil w/ cumin, garlic, spices, fresh diced bell peppers, jalapeño, cilantro, tomato & onion. served w/ brown rice, black beans & salsa verde. 
whenever i order a tofu scramble, i remember how much i love them. this was a particularly hearty version ... especially with the rice & beans on the side. i definitely plan on trying to recreate this at home.

organic buckwheat pancakes :
vegan! except for honey. 
my mom & i decided to also split a short stack o' pancakes since i was in the mood. #hitthespot.

i've been really into breakfast food lately, which is pretty unusual for me. so any place that offers vegan options of the breakfast classics gets two thumbs up from me. tweet is definitely a new favorite.

5020 n. sheridan
chicago, il 60640

05 August 2015

spacca napoli pizzeria.

my gp (gal pal), blair, has a food bucket list ... similar to my 2015 eating list. at the top of her list was spacca napoli pizzeria in lincoln square. so last weekend, off we went!

spacca napoli really channels what real authentic italian food in general is all about ... nothing too fancy. just solid, delicious ingredients ... "pizza faithful to the authentic neapolitan style." i mean... simple & to the point. you see what i'm saying?!

here's what i had ...

insalata mista :
mesclun greens, castelvetrano olives, fresh tomatoes, balsamic vinegar & olive oil
any salad that is chock full of olives is a salad i can get behind. see those green olives on there? those are my absolute favorite kind. yuuuum. super tasty all around.

marinara d.o.p. :
blended san marzano tomatoes, piennolo tomatoes, oregano, garlic, evoo. 
while we all four got different kinds of pizza, the consensus was 100%, hands down the best neapolitan pizza we've had in chicago ... and we've had a lot. oh, and see the d.o.p. at the end? that means the san marzano tomatoes are legit. 

spacca napoli is officially on my new favorites list. i've already made a promise to bring josh back there ...!

spacca napoli pizzeria
1769 w. sunnyside
chicago, il 60640

02 August 2015

beatrix : brunch update.

my girls & i have clear favorites for every meal ... brunch is no exception. and at the top of that list is beatrix in river north.

this past weekend was my first visit to beatrix for brunch, as i'd previously one been for lunch. but i have been hearing rave reviews from the gang for so long, so i knew it'd be delish.

same as last time, "beatrix is a neighborhood restaurant, coffeehouse & meeting place ... [with] a menu inspired by food made in lettuce entertain you’s test kitchen." noice.

here's what i had ...

ten-grain oatmeal :
 sun-dried sour cherries, dark brown sugar, toasted almonds.
who gets oatmeal in 90 degree weather. you ask? i do, okay?!
this was, perhaps, the best non-traditional oatmeal i've ever had. the ten grains were great! i love that kind of thing. could have maybe used more cherries, but now i know for next time. they even have almond (& soy) milk at beatrix, so that was a perfect addition to cool the bowl off a bit.

my only qualm was that i also ordered a side of tomatoes & avocado, which was tiny. i know it's attached to a hotel, so they can get away with that kind of thing. but still. 

doesn't mean i won't be back ... because i 100% most certainly will!

519 n. clark street
chicago, il 60654