update : southport grocery.

southport grocery is another one of those that is right down the street from my apartment... yet i surprisingly go there very infrequently. mostly due to the long wait times on the weekend. but during my maternity leave, i had all the time in the world. (kidding. there was no time for anything. because baby. duh.)

anyway, me & the chi city vegan baby did manage a birthday lunch with a pal (hi, ilana!) & we ended up at southport grocery. (here are the deets from my first visit, if you're interested.)

here's what i had ...

hummus platter :
 i got this because i wanted the carby pita bread. mmm. the olives were also spot on ... & the rest of the veggies were, well, veggies. crisp & fresh. 

vegan blueberry cornbread muffin :
love a vegan baked good. they warmed this up so it was extra delicious.

southport grocery may become more of a go-to for me ... or at least i may just stop in for a vegan muffin every now & then. either way, good stuff for vegans!

southport grocery
3552 n. southport ave.
chicago, il 60657