orlando, florida : emeril's.

back in december, josh & i took a somewhat impromptu trip to orlando to visit harry potter world ... yup, you heard me. 

after a morning tasting of butterbeer (it's vegan!), i knew i needed something more legit for lunch. so we went for a little stroll and stumbled upon emeril's orlando.

emeril's is "a high-energy, creative environment for fine food & wine." two thumbs up, bam! (k, sorry. i had to.)

here's what i had ...

veggie & quinoa plate :
roasted veggies, salad, a quinoa-stuffed roasted tomato.
a great surprise! light, delicious ... basically perfect for lunch. also, so pretty!

some pros : 1. our server knew what a vegan was without me having to explain. (his wife used to be vegan.) 2. he told me that the "chef felt inspired & didn't want to give me just a roasted veggie plate." i can only imagine that the actual emeril was back there, cooking up some quinoa for lil old me. 

between this & my custom wand from ollivander's, it was a great trip.

emeril's orlando
6000 universal blvd.
orlando, florida 32819