maoz vegetarian.

i don't normally do these kinds of restaurants (aka, fast food joints) ... but it's a new year. and we've all already broken all our new year's resolutions to be healthy, so why not??

maoz vegetarian might as well be called maoz vegan, as the majority of their offerings are vegan & ... more importantly, are labeled as such! you know nothing makes me happier.

i first became aware of maoz when i studied abroad in madrid. there were a few locations (sadly, all of which are now closed) scattered throughout the city. although i never went, every time i passed by one, i would ask myself why i wasn't stopping. (to be honest, it's because there was an amazing kebab place under my apartment that had the best freaking falafel, so i didn't need to try anywhere else. sadly, it's now closed, as well. damnit, madrid.)

anyway, i digress. some details about maoz : "maoz vegetarian is a fast service restaurant serving authentic falafel & freshly made vegetarian food. when it comes to falafel, we are world experts." welp, i'm sold.

here's what i had :

falafel sandwich w/ hummus :
side of babaganoush, side of fries, ketchup (obvi) & tahini.

guys, this was damn good. like real damn good ... the best falafel sandwich & fries i've had in a long time. besides the fact that it was generally delicious, you also get to pick out all different kinds of toppings & sauces for your sammie (or sallie -- salad). it's an interactive experience! 

here's the catch, if you will. maoz vegetarian is only located in one place in the chicagoland area ... and that one place is the fashion outlets of chicago. for me, this isn't a problem. i have a car & i like to shop ... so it's a win win. but for other peeps, i can see you wondering why i'm telling you to go to a food court in rosemont. but whatever. if you're out there, stop by. it's good!

maoz vegetarian
5220 fashion outlet way
rosemont, il 60018


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