basically since beatrix (in river north) opened ... i've been wanting to go. so one day, i played hooky from work & finally went with mah pal, blair. us girls needed some pre-spin class calories!

anyway, about : "beatrix is a neighborhood restaurant, coffeehouse & meeting place ... chef partners susan weaver, rita dever & john chiakulas have created a menu inspired by food made in lettuce entertain you's test kitchen." k, we know i love lettuce, so lez go!

here's what i had ...

supernatural chopped salad :
spinach, romaine, baby greens, celery, cucumber, tomato, dried corn, michigan peaches, sunflower & pumpkin seeds, green beans, basil, market vinaigrette. 
i mean the title itself is enough to sell me 100%. plus, this is the dish that made me love fresh fruit in my salads. when i saw michigan peaches, i was iffy. but they were perfect! the fact that they were the ideal ripeness helped, i'm sure ... but either way. 

beatrix is also just a super cool environment ... i could hang out there & sip iced tea all afternoon. they've got a few other items i'd like to try ... so i'm certain i'll be back soon.

519 n. clark street
chicago, il 60654


  1. Are there other vegan dishes you were able to choose from at Beatrix?

    1. here's from when i went a second time!


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