lahaina, maui (hawaii) : lahaina grill.

finally!! the last hawaii post!! 

for our final night in maui, our hotel recommended our last stop on the food tour be one of the best restaurants on the island : lahaina grill, right off of front street.

the deets : "featuring innvoative, new american cuisine, lahaina grill uses techniques & flavors from around the world, all perfectly blended with the freshest ingredients cultivated by maui's local farms, dairies & surrounding waters." b-e-a-utiful.

while the menu was definitely limited for vegans ... the restaurant and our server were extremely accommodating, as you'll soon see.

here's what i had ...

local mixed baby greens :
maui onion, beets, red & yellow bell peppers, baby heirloom tomatoes with southwestern vinaigrette.
my final local produce salad ... and it was a really lovely one! even if it didn't photograph very well. oops.

tomato risotto :
tomatoes, corn, cauliflower, garlic & onions. 
okay, so this isn't even on the menu. there is one vegetarian entree (a polenta dish), but it couldn't be prepared vegan ... i was about ready to ask for a big version of the above salad, when our server came back over with great news from the kitchen : they would make me a risotto.

1. okay, risotto = way better than polenta. in my book.
2. look at all those fresh ingredients!! ok, the corn was maybe a little weird, but it tasted great, so who cares. plus, tomatoes are the ish, so ...
3. i finished the whole thing. 

as i said, the menu at lahaina grill is definitely limited for vegans. but obviously (see above), that doesn't matter. the staff is amazing and the food is even better. a perfect spot for any vacationers.

lahaina grill
127 lahainaluna road
lahaina, maui, hawaii 96761