blue agave.

remember how i said i hate not liking places? well, i really don't ...

but ... i recently went to blue agave, the one right off the viagra triangle. it wasn't all bad, but it wasn't all good either.

the blue agave tag line? : "where your adventure is about to begin!" since i was there with a huge group for a birthday celebration (hbd, jenny!), it kind of was an adventure.

jenny, me, erin ... work budz. <3

and now, the food. here's what i had ...

chunky guacamole :
fresh avocados mixed with diced tomatoes, onions, cilantro, jalapeƱos & a squeeze of lime juice.
apologies for the blue hue, but we were at blue agave, come on. okay, i don't want to be too negative, but this guacamole just was not good. maybe we had it on an off day, but it just wasn't. i truly hate bad guacamole, because i just don't get it. it's not hard to make amazing guacamole, so when a mexican restaurant messes up ... again, i just don't get it. #ohwell.

fajitas : 
perfectly fine fajitas. hot, tasty, fresh.

listen. i know my opinion of the fajitas was tainted because of the no bueno guacamole ... but that's just what happened. lo siento. maybe next time, blue agave.

blue agave
1050 n. state street
chicago, il 60610