quesadilla la reina del sur.

it's time for another vegan-co-workers-night-out featuring katie & tnaya! this time, we headed over to bucktown for some mexican food at the lovely quesadilla la reina del sur, a completely vegan & vegetarian spot located over near western & fullerton.

after takito, i was still craving tacos. quesadilla la reina del sur definitely hit the spot for any mexican food want i was experiencing.

their website states : "our environment is a perfect place to bring your family & friends to enjoy delicious mexican vegetarian cuisine. we pay attention to every detail to make your meal a memorable experience." yessss.

while i was tempted to order the "super burrito (huge) * beware, this is a beast of a burrito" ... i didn't. here's what i had ...

desintoxicante smoothie:
 cactus, pineapple, papaya & cilantro.
muy refreshing! 

salsas :
the bright ones were muy picante. obviously, i loved this.

guacamole :
traditional guac = good guac.

asada de soya taco :
soy-based steak.
the usual disclaimer -- i don't eat a lot of fake meat.
i can safely say ... this is the best fake meat i have ever had. the flavoring was spot on, but not so exact that you thought you were eating meat. and the texture was great. but again, not meat-like. don't ask me how they do it. generally awesome.

tamale :
homemade vegan tamale w/ green salsa & soy chicken.
i haven't had a tamale since i became vegan ... so when i saw this, i knew i had to get it. does it look appealing in this picture? no. did it taste freaking amazing? yes.

tinga quesadilla :
soy-based shredded marinated chicken & vegan cheese.
again, not photographing well. i felt like i had to open it, though, to see the insides ... since the outside was just a closed tortilla. anyway ... again, the faux chicken was fab. seasoned well & a great texture.

rice pudding :
by time dessert rolled around, i was so full from my delicious dinner. so i got this and ate it for breakfast the next morning. #win.

quesadilla la reina del sur might just be one of my new favorite restaurants in the city. i can't wait to go back asap ...

quesadilla la reina del sur
2235 n. western avenue
chicago, il 60647


  1. How was the cactus in the smoothie?

    1. it was good!! you could actually really taste the cactus! (or at least, the flavor i thought was cactus!)


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