hope everyone had a lovely thanksgiving! i know we did! back to business ...

last weekend, i got dinner with two lovely friends / co-workers (hi, erin & jenny!) ... we decided to head to the gold coast ... jellyfish on rush street, to be exact.

per their website, "jellyfish [is] an intimate pan-asian restaurant & lounge ... an escape from the crowded sidewalks below into a space that is exotic & distinctly chicago ... where the inspiration draws from the beauty & rhythm of these mysterious creatures." wowza.

but the best part, you ask? ...

hello, jellyfish vegan menu. 

we all know how much i love a secret vegan menu. so i was super pumped about this. and per the usual ... it was a small-plates-sharing type of place. here's what we had ...

shishito peppers :
soy sauce. no bonito flakes. (duh.)
to sum up ... we ate one whole plate ... then ordered a second. that's how much we loved these. #yum. 

veggie delight :
organic lettuce, tofu, soy paper, kampyo + avocado.
i love any vegan roll that isn't just a plain avocado, cucumber, asparagus, etc., etc., etc. ergo, i thought this was delicious.

edamame w/ garlic chili sauce. 
oops. forgot to take a picture. but you can guess what it looked & tasted like.

togarashi fries :
togarashi dusted w/ ketchup.  
erin & i can't pass on any form of french fries. a little out of place with the rest of the food we ate, sure ... but crispy perfection, nonetheless.

jellyfish was quite quite tasty ... i'm looking forward to heading back to try the rest of the vegan menu!

1009 n. rush street
2nd floor
chicago, il 60611