hero coffee.

guys, i've been slacking like woah lately ... i mean, seriously ... i even dined at a new restaurant this past weekend & completely forgot to even any photos. (btw, i was at ema ... even though there were no chef sightings, it was delicious.) so, sorry. but at least my insta-game has been on point. anyway. i'm going to make one of my new year's resolutions to get back into & be more active in the blogging world ... so until then, here's a mini i've had in my back pocket for a while.


sometimes, you're drawn into a place because of their chalkboard sign advertising lavender lemonade (something i can never pass up) & it's the middle of august (i said i've had this one for a while!) ... but you walk out with a vegan donut.

where might one find a place like this, you ask? well, just down the street in roscoe village, there's one by the name of hero coffee.

the "our story" section of their website basically talks about coffee, which, as this is a blog about food, does not apply here. so i'm just going to skip that & let you know they have vegan donuts from west town bakery on the reg.

chocolate donut w/ chocolate frosting & sprinkles :
a thing of beauty. 
tasty, too.

nice to know a sweet treat is hiding in plain sight at hero coffee ... may have to walk down & grab one for breakfast this week, pending snow. who's with me! 

2111 w. roscoe st.
chicago, il 60618


  1. I've looked at your blog for over a year and a half now when looking for vegan spots during a little trip! Now, I'm moving to the city at the end of the month and am ready to take notes! Hahaha thank you!

    1. yay!! welcome!! perfect time to move here. ha!!

      :) thanks for reading.


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