i said it on my instagram, but ... !! ATTN. CHICAGO !! bareburger has officially arrived in lakeview!

backing up ... i first visited bareburger in new york city a couple years ago. (if you wanna do a bareburger #tbt, take a read. and if you wanna #lol, take a look at the comments section. fa realz.) i loved my meal so much, so i was thrilled when jerry, a partner at the newly opened bareburger chicago, emailed me to let me know they were coming to our fair city.

as a reminder, bareburger purveys "organic & all-natural burgers, snacks & shakes." the cool thing is just how many vegan options they have.

so the chi city husband, baby & i moseyed over for the bareburger friends & family opening. here's what i had ...

be my burger ... build-yo-own vegan burger :
look at this delicious beauty. perfect veggie patty + fresh veg + crunchy pickles + tasty sprout bun? = one ultra nom-worthy burger. we also had some french fries, which, i mean, you can never go wrong with. (let me tell you, the fries were a hit with le bebe.)

bareburger is for a couple of reasons.

1. as explained, the plethora of vegan option. 2. they've got a new vegan shake, which is going to be the first thing i order at our next visit. 3. i'm told the non-vegan stuff is also incredible, so all your non-veg friends can enjoy themselves, as well. 4. ultra family-friendly. didn't use to be important to me, but now. it is! deal with it.

bareburger is definitely going to become a regular spot for us ... hope to see you there??

3357 n. lincoln ave.
chicago, il 60657