left coast food & juice.

okay, i promised this week would be a good one ... let me tell you, it is. i'm officially beyond obsessed with left coast food & juice on lincoln ave. in lakeview.

since california food is some of my favorite food, i've been to left coast 5 times now. (yes, you read that right.) ... every time, it's delicious! my goal is to try all the vegan options on the menu. so far, i've tried 4, because i had to have the avocado toast twice. so good.

okay, before we dive into the eats, here's a bit about left coast : "we bring flavorful & progressive recipes to not only healthy food, but also chef-driven, cold-pressed juices & delicious smoothies." i've clearly already gotten on board with this. your turn!

here's what i had (in order of first visit to most recent) ...

kale mary smoothie :
blueberry, kale, avocado, oj, macca powder, agave, apple cider vinegar. 
any excuse for a selfie ... plus the smoothie was awesome. 

left coast acai bowl :
acai berries, blueberries, raspberries, banana, almond butter, macca powder, hemp seeds granola. 
this was my first smoothie bowl! i was pretty excited ... it's perfect for a hot day & also, just so pretty. 

robust rosa :
kale, spinach, roasted broccoli, roasted tomato, red onion, toasted hemp seeds, avocado caesar dressing + tofu.
green, check. leafy, check. tasty, check. 

hermosa avocado toast :
toasted semolina bread, avocado, mojo rojo, red onion, fresh basil + tofu. 
i pretty much live for good avocado toast. this version is on point. plus added tofu for, ya know, protein. 

easy street wrap :
tofu, brown rice, roasted carrots, pickled sultanas, smoked almonds, arugula, red onion, madras curry sauce & whole wheat wrap. 
like a vegan curry chicken salad wrap! more, please. 

holy moly, that was a lot. but honestly, isn't all of it just so delectable-looking? food that looks fresh, tastes fresh, is fresh. so many thumbs up. and it doesn't stop there ... i'm scheduled to go back tomorrow for lunch w/ my mom & le bébé. see ya on instagram! 

left coast food & juice
2878 n. lincoln ave.
chicago, il 60657


  1. My new favorite thanks to your suggestion! So good (and close, and charming, and fresh, and reasonable)!

    1. hi, meg! don't know how i missed this.

      glad u like. ;) hope all is well!!


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