sopraffina marketcaffe.

another lunchtime adventure to the loop for me & the chi city vegan baby ... this time, we tried sopraffina marketcaffe in the aon center.

josh frequents sopraffina regularly ... (so much so that "his" checkout lady was actually thrilled to meet me & the baby. which was lovely.) since i've been hearing about sopraffina forever ... it was really about time i visited for myself.

here's the about section : "when it comes to food, we do our best to buy fruits, meats & vegetables that have been raised locally using methods that are proven sustainable by independent third party certifiers. we're also reducing our impact on the environment with programs dedicated to reducing waste, decreasing energy & water consumption, eliminating toxic chemicals & pesticides & encouraging recycling & composting." doin' their part!

here's what i had ...

#9 venezia :
roasted tomatoes, zucchini, onions, arugula, hummus, balsamic glaze.
 (no portabella mushrooms.) 
a little messy, but quite yummy! i'm finding that sandwiches just don't really photograph very nicely. oh well.

the best thing about sopraffina is that all their vegan items are labeled vegan! i think i have a hatred for places in the loop, because generally they don't seem respectful of vegan needs ... but maybe i'm wrong! maybe places like sopraffina are changing things ... we shall see! 

sopraffina marketcaffe
200 e. randolph (aon)
chicago, il 60601