lula cafe.

my first trip to lula cafe was literally (not figuratively) four years ago ... and since that day, i've been wanting to go back. not sure what took soooo long to get my ass in gear, but i finally made it for round two ... this time for a non-traditional easter dinner w/ mah family. sharing is caring. 

but since then ... "the menu at lula has grown into a kind of humble maturity, risky but grounded, a boheme bistro of the unclassifiable kind. we want you to come for all occasions... to taste through the seasons." a boheme bistro -- my kinda place.

here's what i had ...

beet bruschetta : 
marinated kale, smoked pecans & shaved red onion.
kale + beets + bread on a single plate. my version of heaven. 

chilled peanut satay noodles:

marinated tofu & seasonal pickles.
 another delicious dish. huge portion. obviously, much appreciated.

chickpea tagine :
sweet & sour sweet potato, green harissa, fennel & caraway cracker.
while the bruschetta & noodles were both fab, the tagine was my favorite. again, a big portion. hello, leftovers for lunch!

lula cafe is a logan square (and chicago!) staple ... and since returning, it's definitely made it onto my favorites list. there were a couple other menu items i'm dying to try. so i'll be back ... and vegans & non-vegans : get over there. now. 

2537 n. kedzie boulevard
chicago, il 60647