07 September 2016

piazza bella.

the babe's first birthday was a few weeks ago ... between the rainy weather & the last minute things we had to do for his party the next day, we couldn't have the fun birthday day that i was planning in my mind. but luckily, we were able to do our first birthday dinner out as a family in our new hood ...

one thing i love about roscoe village is that the restaurants don't get as packed as the ones in southport corridor. so at 5pm, i was able to take a quick glance at open table & see that piazza bella had a 5:15pm reservation open. i snatched that up & off we went.

the about : "whether you are seeking a romantic dinner for two or a grand reception & everything in between, piazza bella offers a superb dining experience." in our case, a speed-eating dinner for three (you never know how long a baby will sit still for ... luckily, he nommed on breadsticks the whole time.)

here's what i had ...

piazza pasta prefirita :
bucatini pasta with basil & garlic tomato sauce.
sometimes the worst photographs = the tastiest meals. 
this looks like something i threw together in 5 minutes, but tasted heavenly. i expected to get pizza for dinner (pizzas are not vegan there, wah) ... but i was kind of happy i got to devour a bowl of pasta instead. i tried to give some to the baby, but he just threw his noodles on the floor. typical.

piazza bella is definitely going to be a new go-to neighborhood spot for us ... super kid friendly, super tasty food, super crisp bubbly. into it!

piazza bella
2114 w. roscoe street
chicago, il 60618