31 May 2015

boston : gennaro's at 5 north square.

so when planning for boston, i talked to a few natives / former residents. everyone said dinner one night in the north end was a must. the problem i encountered was finding somewhere that seemed like they would have vegan options. after some searching, i stumbled upon gennaro's at 5 north square.

a bit about gennaro's : "marisa iocco, boston's only italian-born female chef, salutes italian-american food ... simple, satisfying & pieno d'amore ("full of love")." besides that, there are plenty of vegan options on the menu (and clearly marked as such!)

here's what i had ...

insalata of mixed baby greens :
olives & nonna's agro dolce vinaigrette. 
a basic salad, but sometimes you just want to eat something green. so this definitely hit that spot.

ravioli vegani :
seasonal veggies & cherry tomato sauce.
i don't know the last time i had legit ravioli. so this was quite a treat. great flavor, fresh, overall delicious .

josh + big bowl o' seafood :
josh went the opposite route.

for vegans in boston looking to dine in the north end, gennaro's is the obvious choice. just off the main stretch, it's kind of a hidden gem. check it out.

gennaro's at 5 north square
5 north square
boston, ma

27 May 2015

the publican.

when you think of a place that calls their menu "an homage to beer, pork & oysters," the word vegan does not really fit. fortunately for us, though, the publican on w. fulton market in the west loop is actually extremely vegan-friendly.

how you ask? well, "the publican's eclectic menu is inspired by simple farmhouse fare ... the daily rotating menu reflects the best seasonal & local ingredients available ... as well as a thoughtful selection of fresh & pickled vegetables." and there you have it.

here's what i had ...

sourdough + muhammara & date spread :
this was amazingly tasty. i don't really know what muhammara is, but i know i like it. (jk, it's a hot pepper spread. obvi i would love it.) i almost could not have ordered any food and just eaten bread. but that's not normal, so i didn't. 

vegan plate :
look at this. (!!!!)
spinach, broccolini, green beans, cabbage + a whole assortment of other veggies & flavors. this is summer vegan food perfection. so fresh, so light, so bright!

josh is a little mad that i didn't wait to visit the publican with him (he definitely appreciates the "homage to pork & oysters" aspect), but ... 1. the food was so good & 2. the menu is ever changing. so i know i'll be back!

the publican
837 w. fulton market
chicago, il 60607

24 May 2015

happy memorial day!

hope everyone is having a lovely memorial day weekend! 

here's minnie feeling very patriotic :
this is 4th of july two years ago, but still. 

see ya guys on wednesday!

20 May 2015

boston : flour bakery + cafe.

our first stop (food & otherwise) in boston came in the form of a comment on facebook from a follower (hi, sippi!) ... after recently visiting boston for the marathon, she suggested we try flour bakery + cafe. and since i had no idea where to eat lunch when we got there, off to flour we went!

based on our strict itinerary, we ended up at the back bay location. but all four spots have the same amazing philosophy : "make life sweeter ... eat dessert first!" thumbs up emoji!

but there's more! at flour, "everything is prepared in-house by our professional kitchen staff. we offer buttery breakfast pastries, grand homemade cookies, luscious tarts, gorgeous cakes, sandwiches, soups & salads." sounds like the perfect place for breakfast/brunch/lunch, right? oh, and everything vegan is clearly marked on the menu.

here's what i had ...

homemade hummus sandwich :
cucumber, pickled radish + red onion, & harissa on wheat bread.
at this point in our day of travels (i made us take a 7am flight, oops), i was practically starving. and this bad boy hit the spot like none other. i especially loved the harissa spread. 

vegan & low fat chocolate muffin :
ok, this looks like your basic muffin. people, it is not. it was by far the best vegan muffin i've ever had. actual muffin perfection.

if your popping around boston, you should definitely stop in at flour for a quick bite or snack ... or a life-changing muffin. your call. just make sure you do it. 

flour bakery + cafe
131 clarendon st.
boston, ma 02116

17 May 2015

grange hall burger bar : update.

back from a little delay! sorry bout that ... life gets busy sometimes, amirite? i've got a couple new chicago places + a ton of boston spots coming up (so get ready for those once a week for the next several weeks!) ... but i decided to get back into it with an update from a new (!!!) favorite of mine : grange hall burger bar right on randolph in the west loop.

my first visit to grange hall was a while back ... they had opened up relatively recently (i think?), so the menu was not nearly as extensive as it is now ... aka, there are now lots of vegan options.

so beautiful :
nothing better than seeing that label. 

here's what i had this time around ...

chickpea & spinach veggie burger + pickle chips :

sorry if this is kind of gross, but you can't see the insides in the first shot!
people ... this vegan burger is legit. ok? super delicious. and i mean the pickle chips ... there's not really anything not to like.

on a separate occasion, one of my co-workers brought me a vegan & gluten-free chocolate pie from grange hall. (always smart to kiss up to hr, right?)

vegan & gluten free chocolate pie :
it's my understanding that they have this (or some variation of a vegan, gf pie) every day. so that alone is just generally exciting. not to mention mmm-worthy. 

grange hall is officially on the favorites list now ... looking forward to going back! 

grange hall burger bar
844 w. randolph st.
chicago, il 60607